Employment Opportunities


The Board of Education and Administration are pleased that you are applying for a position with the Chaffee Public Schools. It is important that all applications be received as quickly as possible. The screening committee which is composed of two or more administrators will review applications using the following criteria:

  1.  Completeness of the application requested.
  2.  Certification status (with some thought given to certification flexibility in selected secondary positions).
  3.  Letters of reference from education work experience and/or other work experience.
  4.  Academic background; college transcripts.
  5.  Personal attributes (from application, college placement papers, letters of reference, etc).
  6.  Written philosophy/goals/concerns as a teacher.

A screening process may be used to select applicants if more than five applications for the same position exist. The screened applicants will be asked to come for an interview to determine the successful candidate for the position. The interview will be a committee composed of a Central Office Administrator, the principal of the school, if appropriate, in which the vacancy exists, and at least two other administrators/supervisors or teachers.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to contact his/her college placement office and forward up-to-date placement papers and/or college transcripts and to provide a current Missouri teaching certificate.
Any and all part of the application may be made public.


Applications for classroom teaching and administrative vacancies will be accepted at a designated time after January 1 each year. Please note, all applications are purged annually. Completed applications must be returned to the Board of Education Office, 517 West Yoakum, Chaffee, Missouri 63740.

The Board of Education may announce application periods for vacancies in certain teaching areas (administration, supervisory, vocational related, guidance, coaching and other areas which may include summer or seasonal responsibilities) during the school year.

Formal interviews will be scheduled by phone or written request after initial screening has been completed.


Teacher Job Application for Chaffee Public Schools

Substitute Teacher Job Application Chaffee Public Schools

Non-Certified Application Form Chaffee Public Schools

Conditions to Consideration of Application for Employment Form
(Note: All Applicants must sign the Conditions to Consideration of Application
for Employment Form)