Philosophy of Interscholastic/Athletic Activities

Interscholastic/athletic activities are intended to supplement the secondary curricular program. These activities can provide the student with educational experiences and learning outcomes that contribute toward the development of good citizenship. This can be accomplished only when the emphasis is placed upon teaching "through school activities."
Interscholastic activities can be justified only when this is its primary philosophy and purpose.

Nothing brings communities together like high school athletics.
Pride, enthusiasm, and emotions run high with so much riding on each game.

Aaron Horrell Athletic Director Image 

Aaron Horrell
Chaffee Jr/Sr High School
Athletic Director

Aaron Horrell is Chaffee through and through. He has lived in Chaffee all of his life, attended school and graduated from Chaffee, was an athlete at Chaffee, came back to teach and coach at Chaffee, and now currently raises his family in Chaffee.  Coach Horrell is married to Stephanie Horrell, and they have a daughter, Bailey, who is 5 years old.  Coach Horrell loves our Chaffee community and looks forward to serving our students, athletes, school, and our community as Athletic Director.
Updated July 2022

2022 - 2023

Athletic Director

Aaron Horrell

Football (Sr. High)

Jack Altermatt (Head Coach)
Steven Speidel
Andy Cannon
Seth Waters

Softball (High School)

Brian Horrell (Head Coach)
Shawn Powderly

Girls Cross Country (High School)

Travis Calkins (Head Coach)

Basketball (Sr. High Boys)

Josh Govreau (Head Coach)
Logan Lawson

Basketball (Sr. High Girls)

Matt Schonhoff (Head Coach)
Kerry Thompson

 Baseball (High School)

Aaron Horrell (Head Coach)
Shawn Powderly
Brian Horrell

Track (Sr. High Boys and Girls)

Travis Calkins (Head Coach)
Mary Beth Owens
Andy Cannon

Cheerleaders (Sr. High)  

Kristi Yarbro

Football (Jr. High)

Ben Rushin (Head Coach)
Sid Atkins
Seth Waters  

Basketball (Jr. High Girls)

Matt Schonhoff (Head Coach)
Kerry Thompson

Basketball (Jr. High Boys)

Josh Govreau (Head Coach)
Aaron Horrell
Logan Lawson

 Cheerleaders (Jr. High)

Shelby Lands

Track (Jr. High)

Jack Altermatt (Head Coach)
Ben Rushin

History of CHS Athletics

Early in the life of the school, athletics played a part. A basketball team was organized despite the lack of a coach, and games were played in the old Kagel Saloon building. James N. Ozee and C. W. Green, superintendent, gave occasional advice and moral support prior to the employment of Ralph Ranney as coach for the 1922-23 term.

In the spring of 1922 the boys, having won the district tournament, were eligible for state competition, but they lacked both coach and money so their prospects of getting to Columbia appeared gloomy. Then Lon Bisplinghoff appeared on the scene with an offer to accompany the team and defray their expenses. They went and played dressed in khaki suits. But, they did win and made it to the finals where they were defeated by the exceptionally fast team from Mexico. The team from Mexico was dressed in bright red, and the Chaffee boys dubbed the Mexico team the "red devils." Upon their return home and upon reflection of the merits of that team, they decided to change their name from Bull Dogs to Red Devils; thus, a derisive and mocking term became a rallying name. The CHS athletic program developed; a football team was created; and in 1928, when Charles A. Scott was superintendent and coach, the football field was lighted for night games. This was a first in Southeast Missouri for either high school or college.


In 1978, the Chaffee football team was the first in the school history to make it to the state playoffs. The football team also made it to the playoffs in 1979.

Finally in 1983, the Chaffee Red Devils football team brought home the first ever 1-A State Football Title.

The Chaffee Red Devils baseball team won the State Championship in 1975, 1977, and 1983.

The Chaffee Red Devils cheerleaders won State Cheerleading Titles in 2000 and 2015.

In total the Chaffee Red Devils have earned:

6 State Championships

31 District Championships

55 Conference Championships

and remain a tradition of excellence since 1905!

Updated June 2021